Unlocking the Secrets of the Zodiac


Learning about your Zodiac sign allows you to have uncanny insight into your day-to-day life, and also the special talents and skills you surely possess, but may be unaware of. You will discover a great deal of information about yourself, plus your friends and family by reading star sign profiles, your horoscope, and more specialized reports. Learn more about the different types of reports available by reading the list below.

Different Types of Astrological Readings

Past life readings

By looking into an individual’s past lives, it is possible to reveal the sources of phobias and ailments which may be plaguing your present life. Once the source is identified, effective healing can begin. By knowing where you came from, you can know where you are going. By drawing from past experiences, you can affect a positive change in your current life. This types of  reading can be done through tarot cards, hypnotherapy or a natal readings.

Compatibility readings

Find out if you’re a suitable match! Horoscope compatability readings will reveal if a potential mate is a good fit for you  by taking into account both your  Zodiac signs and natal charts. By using these readings, you will lessen the risk of heartache by staying away from relationships that should be avoided. For a more accurate reading, the date and exact time of birth should be used.

Tarot card readings

Tarot cards can be a valuable tool to interpret current situations going on in you life. They reveal the underlying circumstances within these situations, and can give valuable insights and clarity into how to solve problems.

Angel card readings

Different from tarot card readings, angel card readings help connect you to the angel responsible for guiding your soul through this life journey. Every person has an angel, and these readings allow you to make contact with your guide.

Natal readings

Using your exact date, time and location of birth, a natal chart reading will reveal personality traits, your unique talents and unfulfilled opportunities. Natal charts use the position of the sun and planets for their revelations.

Transit readings

Like Natal readings, Transit readings are also reliant on exact date and time of birth. Transit readings interpret the crossing of planets and stars to expose career, relationship and life opportunities. This types of reading is usually only done once or twice a year, but transit readings are very useful in making the subject aware of future events that are on the horizon.

Astrology readings can reveal the answer you seek, set you on your path or give clarity on present and past events. The type of reading will depend on what you aim to find.

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